This web site is dedicated to the alumni of, St Francis de Sales School, New Delhi, India. The purpose of this site is to beckon all of us, to S.F.S, our alma-mater, regardless of where in the world we are today. For most of us, some of our greatest memories and experiences in life, are from S.F.S. With this website we hope to preserve the history of the school and the community to keep the spirit of the school alive and to keep the communication lines open.

Most of us are in contact with only a few of our fellow Alumni, as many of them are just quite hard to locate. To communicate and connect with other Fransalians, and to reunite everyone virtually, this website needs to exist. Unlike the previous version of the website, this one will provide an interactive platform to connect you to your schoolmates. We will continue to expand the content of the website with news, information about coming reunions, 'walk down memory lanes', class photographs and other archival photos of the school.

This is your Alumni Website, so your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

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In these days of heightened concern about personal information and the frustration of email spam and spyware, we were careful to design a system that will permit contact while protecting privacy. Once you have registered, using your email address and a choice of password, you can send a 'blind' email to other members asking whether they want to get in touch. No-one's email address or contact details are revealed unless they choose to give it to the other user.


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News Update

16th July 2008
The launch has been delayed by a few weeks. Its sad. I know. The developers here are having a hard time juggling between the day job and the website. BUT, we're getting there. Just a few extra weeks. We promise not to let you down. Please register yourself on Sahoday.com, if you haven't already. Thanks to all those who have.

28th June 2008
Sahoday.com Registration extended until, 17th July 2008.

4th June 2008
We have a new logo for the website. Also a brand new section coming up soon (shhh!). Lets make this a really cool alumni website. Suggestions? Ideas? Please write to us at, admin [at] sahoday [dot] com.

29th May 2008
We'll soon have a section that will list the names of your batchmates already registered here.

28th May 2008
Registrations are open. Last day to register for 2008 is, June 28th. So Hurry!

15th April 2008
Sahoday.com's S.F.S Alumni group on facebook now! Here's the link.

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